February 6, 2009

third world prep

Sketch notes from my shots on the music vid for "Welcome to the Third World." Animating that hippo's rear end was the most fun I've had putting a pencil to paper in weeks.


Jennie Yim said...

Haha.. I love the giant cube around the wolf and his lady companion! I mean we all know that we're thinking in this way (dimensionally) but I just love the visual proof of it. Right on!!

Sydney said...

I love seeing the sketches for the pre-work. Turned out awesome, and I'm glad we got to see it on a screen bigger than youtube!

(although, I'm still questioning that video about popping lipgloss...)

Danielle said...

popping lip gloss doesn't hold a candle to this =) i agree, it's cool to see all of the work behind what was actually produced. I'm glad i got to see the characters evolve. hope they put it back up soon