February 9, 2009


Coraline was set free into the world last weekend, and I have to admit, it was something of an event for me. I've had a real interest in stop-motion for the last year or so, and this last month especially has been an adventure of puppet projects. Being able to see something so lovingly made and masterfully executed as Coraline is both encouraging and wildly inspirational for me. There is something truly magical about bringing tangible objects to life like this; it so articulately represents what I love about animation and why I'd want to pursue something so difficult. Coraline made me remember what it's like to be a kid filled with wonderment, and that's a pretty amazing feeling to be able to give someone.

Weiden + Kennedy have a blog displaying all of the promotional materials they created for the film, and it's a special kind of awesome. They did an amazing job of extending the movie's atmosphere into the real world. Be sure to check out the official site they put together if you haven't already. I remember a time when people would pay good money to explore stuff like this. What really stood out to me were all of the 2-minute documentaries in the theater room. They play up the esoteric nature of each artists' skill in such a charming way, one can see how that personality is channeled into the characters of the film.


Adam said...

i would be first in line for an "art of" book for this film. the only strike that this film has against it is that it was made in portland...which is the buthole of the universe. but every other square inch of that films was outstanding. this year will be another great year for movies, looks like.

Sydney said...

I never said I didn't like Coraline. I said it scared the socks off of me.

It was intensely creepy and I'm easily creeped out.

It crawled beneath my skin and heebie-jeebied my very soul.

Danielle said...

very articulate indeed! I wonder how many people felt that same child-like excitement. You're right, it's really an achievement to bring that sense of wonderment out of people. Maybe that's why we've seen it so many times =)

It's great to see you branching out and trying a something new, love the style and that you're using shapes and color instead of filling in contour drawings. I want to see all of the characters (Mr. B!), or maybe some of your own