January 30, 2009

light at the end of the tunnel

Keenan and I just put in what will probably be our last day of work on Neil's stop-motion short, "The Cleaning." It was a night of nasty sound effects and hilarious pixelation. Check out a few stills:

This here's an early motion test using real beeswax to animate the creature. This of course was before we realized animating with beeswax was ineffectual and masochistic.


Danielle said...

it's neat to see all of the stages of work you did together. Wax would have been incredible but it wasn't worth the headache. What you've created looks great anyway so it's all gravy. Can't wait for the DVD =)

Sydney said...

It was fun tracing this project through your blog

and I can't wait to see the final thing, if I ever get to!

PS, let's all hang out.