November 19, 2008

third world before & after

The Dandy Warhols' "Welcome to the Third World" music video made its first public appearance at the SF International Animation Festival last weekend, and a few of us De Anzies were lucky enough to get some hand-drawn character animation up in there. It was great working with some of my close friends on it, and even greater to see our hard work come together in the end. Let me send some love to my family & friends who came to give their support, and of course to my partners in crime: way to go Keenan, Leo, Jennie, and William! The video was directed by Webster Colcord, who also handled most of the backgrounds, color, compositing, and fancy-shmancy 3D elements. The whole thing was a great opportunity, so thanks again Webster!

All in all I managed to hog a good 10 seconds of screen time. The full video should officially make its way to the internet soon, but here's some before'n'after clips highlighting my contributions in the mean time.


Danielle said...

I'm so proud of you all! <3 congratulations, the video was great and the showing was a really good time. i couldn't get the salmon dance out of my head for days (and it's so good, i didn't even care).

Sydney said...

I asked Adam if he knew which parts you EXACTLY worked on, he said he notice your style for a couple of the shots such as the walking part. I'm glad you put them up here for us to see!

It was really exciting and must have been SO awesome for you! WE look forward to going to more and mas showings of your animations that I'm sure will come. Yaaaaayyy!

Ana Maria Acosta Diaz said...

Congrats Jake!
You did an amazing job! (as usual)