November 24, 2008


Keenan and I are helping a friend finish a stop-motion short, and I ask you, what film would be complete without a sentient, bloodthirsty glob of earwax? In these late-night tests we wanted to figure out how to make a slimy character materialize and move in interesting ways (one animating while the other safely gave feedback from behind a lead barrier). Tests 1 and 3 are Keenan's handiwork, and I took the reigns for the 2nd and 4th.


Danielle said...

can't wait to see more, your progress is really exciting! Keep pushing everything esp. the sound. i vote for chunky burp-y sludge-y wet pops and such

Sydney said...

Adam and I concur: astoundingly awesome.

Jennie Yim said...

Cripes can this get more awesome?!?! The blob moves with such a determined blobby grace.. the sounds are spot on.. more echoes fo sho!!

I just saw Neil's board for this.. s'gonna be good!!

The Ivanator said...

Two words:

Fuckin Awesome.