May 14, 2008

stop motion by night

Home from work. Gotta animate.


Danielle said...

i'm impressed by the way you have him fall considering that the space behind the surface is not as deep as it looks. the gun shot and reaction are great too. the force that pulls his shoulder back came out nicely. looking forward to the next installment =)

Jennie Yim said...

i second danielle's comments.. absolutely terrific sound efx too..i think you're well on your way to falling out of love with 2-d

so i was wondering why he looks down before the first gunshot? i like the waving arms before the fall..hahaha!

Jake said...

thanks guys

jenny--i was going for a *sigh*, but it goes way too quick, i think. sometimes i forget to take my time.

The Ivanator said...

bravo. was it mcnamara or concord that says, no wait, it was that animator supervisor guy from sony who comes by to talk to us. you got weight, timing, balance. all of the good ol trinity.