April 27, 2008

a sinister science

The grizzly, epoxy-laden beginnings of an aluminum armature. Complete with first movement test!


Jennie Yim said...

Woah! Major spelling mistakes in my last post! Wanted to ask who/what are your inspirations for this awesome new character? He seems kinda like Andy Griffith?

Also..love the new blog title..sends chuckles through me each and every time.

Danielle said...

what a honker! You're behind me fighting with him right now and I know right this moment there's nothing you'd rather do than chuck it out your tiny bathroom window but you've worked too hard to give up now =) it'll come together

Sydney said...

Wuh oooooaaaahhhh

I'm amazed. I think it's awesome. Your blog seems relatively frustrated and danielles comment says you are as well.

But it's looking great.

Rosie said...

Sweeet! I -love- the head and the key movements so far! Before reading, I thought it was a concept maquette since the head's so fantastic!

Love the preliminary drawings for it int the previous post too. :D