December 7, 2007


Concept stuff for a flash project. Ominous!


Jake said...

quite nice. I like the extremely exaggerated tents. they can also double as the tops of buildings sometimes, same shape and all. thanks for stopping by. i'll check your blog for updates too =]

Danielle said...

your cats are hilarious. i originally preferred the angular one (right) but now I'm appreciating the slinky one in the middle (Rocko meets Ren & Stimpy). anyway just wanted to say (in writing) that I enjoy the personality in your character concepts =)

Rosie said...

Whoot! Wonked out buildings/tents! I like the funky designs of those. I really dig the wagon too, w/ its colors and overall shape.

I like the Rocko/Ren/Stimpy design in the middle, it has its own charm and character. And I like the guy on the top right corner. However, it seems the more graphic cat in top left corner would be easier for you to animate, especially in flash.

cool stuff! post more!

Ivan Film said...

you're one talented moth**fuck**

yah...that's right, i use that word. that's for not hanging out w me while you were in LA.

Jennie Yim said...