February 6, 2007


More animal studies. I miss sitting, watching the lions for hours.

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Rosie said...

Woah.... these are amazing Jake! I can see progress here in terms of how animated your poses are getting (i.e. leap n' bound lions, 'specially the bounding lion on the bottom right corner of that page). I also like how loose your drawing style is getting, and that's pretty noticeable on the alpha lion drawings!

...the warthogs = <3

Those horse drawings are amazing! W/ these it appears you had the easiest time in terms of anatomy, line quality, and pose. They look very confidently drawn.

I like the "Roar monkey roar" drawing because it looks like you're trying to exaggerate its pose more, even though it's seated. The curve in the spine is nice.

All in all, I think you're doing great and are maturing in your drawing skills/style. I recommend trying to push everything even more, in terms of pose, loose lines, and overall shape/proportion. Good job! :D