November 30, 2006


Animal studies at the SF zoo.


Rosana said...

Dewd these are sick! I'm so saddened that more folks (including myself until now) haven't commented on these!

I totally dig the hippo (MUST SQUEEZE IT) and lion drawings. I especially enjoy the full-body sketch of the lioness hunched over something on the ground. It really feels like she's squashing her body as cats usually do. It also reminds me of mice/hamsters, how they squish their bodies into round little balls.

Great job Jake, can't wait to see MORE!!!

Danielle said...

I'll second that and say I really love the female lion too! and that woman with the long nose, flame-like hair. also the f-ing rhino! can't wait to see you do more animals. there's such a great sense of movement in them all.