November 29, 2006


A few masks from the De Young museum.


Rosana said...

Your and Darm's mask drawings really make me want to go to the De Young... for the first time! :D

The one you colored in photoshop looks pretty sweet - lots of bumps and high-cheekbone/browbone-ness. I also really like the animal/scary creature masks. They're pleasantly disturbing! :D

Danielle said...

I love the last little one. He is so biteable! He reminds me vaguely of lilo and stitch and I don't know why/ Anyway your masks make me happy and envious! You really infused them with your style and they look awesome. Love the beaked Mother f-er. he reminds me of this guy:

awesome! love how much contrast you worked in with that grease pencil. you make the masks have even more character