September 25, 2006


Zoo trip + Sausalito sketches


Sydney said...

Dear Jake,

You having a art/picture blog is one more step to convincing adam to get one. good job.

and also on your blog. looking pretty cool.

and as for intimate moments with gorillas: chimps and bonobos are much cooler primates in the viewpoint of an anthropologists cause they do it all the time. But it's cool if you like gorillas better. I do too. They're much more tender after the fact.

- Sydney

Rosie said...

The lack of iris/pupils in the giraffe heads kinda remind me of the bunny mask in Donnie Darko. D:

These are great Jake! You -must- update more!

Also, I don't know if I ever showed you this link, or if you ever found it yourself, but I think you would love this blog:

Blue Sky Studios are the folks who made Ice Age 1 & 2. The drawings in this blog are so diverse and amazing!

Casey said...

Hey Jake, it's Casey from ASL 1. I really love that painting you have of the fence and the bright colors - it really looks lovely with the white in contrast. Anyway, see you around the web!

Danielle said...

I love the skull. I want to bite it for some reason. And I agree I love the fence and the bright colors... your lines are so bold and I love that. These look great! can't wait to sketch more with you